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feed oyster shells for chickens

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feed oyster shells Benefits of usingfeed oyster shells Advantagesfeed oyster shells Important Featuresfeed oyster shells dropshippingfeed oyster shells wholesale distributorsfeed oyster shells price

Feed oyster shells, is one of the most popular seafood in the world. The use of oyster shell ballis is especially important in animal feed, especially chicken and it has an indirect impact on the health of the human body as it also uses these animals for nutrition, so we examine the properties of the shell here. Oyster in human health. The price of these products is directly related to the economic conditions of production and its quality.

feed oyster shells for chickens

feed oyster shells Benefits of using

feed oyster shells Benefits of using


The oyster contains high levels of zinc that help quickly heal the wound. Zinc helps strengthen the immune system against various infections and germs. Zinc is an essential mineral for proper growth and development of children and adults. It also plays an important role in maintaining body function.

heart health

Oysters have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good forms of cholesterol. Oysters and their fatty acids can lower the level of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream and inhibit it from binding to blood vessels and arterial walls. The chance of plaque buildup is minimized and various types of health effects are reduced.

Reduce blood pressure

The mussels have a high potassium and magnesium content.

These two substances, potassium and magnesium, can help lower blood pressure and calm blood vessels. Relaxation helps to increase blood circulation and oxygenation and reduce pressure on the cardiovascular system in general. Oyster is also a great source of vitamin E that enhances the strength and flexibility of cell membranes, which is the third level of protection against heart disease.

Sexual health

Zinc is recognized as a vital hormone in the regulation of both sex and sexual function of men and women. Research has shown that zinc in men increases sperm count and sexual ability. The advantage of zinc for women helps the ovaries. Zinc may also help regulate a combination of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Weight Loss

One of the properties of mussels that make it an amazing material is the weight loss property. Many experts believe that mussels are one of the foods with the lowest calories compared to the volume of food.

If you are trying to lose weight, it means you can get the nutrients you need without adding weight. In comparison to chicken, the mussel has about half that calorie. Proper seafood can be amazing for weight loss.

The oyster is low in calories and fat but high in protein. People who are trying to lose weight can consume shellfish to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs without increasing fat intake.

Help heal wounds

The properties of mussels play a role in enhancing immune function.

Contains zinc that reduces the risk of germs and helps the recovery process. Oyster consumption causes adequate growth and development in children and adults. Researchers believe that zinc deficiency can cause mental relaxation and weak hair growth. Zinc also promotes mood stability and reduces anxiety, depression and anger.

The level of synthetic and enhancing collagen to improve skin appearance and cell turnover is one of the properties of mussels that can encourage people to consume mussels.

Stronger bones

As we age, we usually experience a decrease in bone density.

Older people have bone diseases such as osteoporosis, which can be prevented by making sure they get enough nutrition that contains calcium and common factors like oysters. Bone weakness and the majority of dental defects are caused by a decrease in calcium intake. It is responsible for maintaining healthy bones and maintaining bone mass.

Oysters contain good amounts of calcium for the body’s daily requirement, especially when combined with dairy-based calcium sources. By eating oysters, it is possible to prevent arthritis and other bone-related diseases.

Increase energy levels

Lack of proper nutrients needed to maintain our body function is positively related to our diet. For example, energy levels are reduced and body function is disrupted. Mussels can relieve fatigue because they contain vitamins and minerals in the right amount to improve the energy produced by the body.

Circulation results from aging cells and the formation of new cells rapidly and improving energy levels as a result.

Improve overall immune function

Organizations working together to protect the body against foreign invaders face many of the mechanisms involved in protecting the body.

However, the body needs help to fight off invaders, which can be achieved by adding shellfish. Oyster is a great source of antioxidants. The immune system prevents pathogens and unfamiliar cells from harming the body. Vitamins mainly help the body to do this. Vitamin a, Vitamin C and Zinc work to boost the immune system’s ability to kill foreign forces before they can proliferate and affect healthy cells.

Acne Treatment

Zinc levels in the mussel can also prevent acne-causing germs. Zinc also reduces inflammation and clears pores and reduces keratinocytes that prevent pores from growing. Many people take synthetic acne medication to avoid problems, while eating natural foods such as oysters can be the key to solving this problem.

Many people are deficient in their daily intake so simply given this problem, acne can be one of the things you have to worry about.

Better vision

The eyes are regarded as our gateway to the world. Likewise, it is imperative that we take care of this part of our bodies, because vision impairment is a way of preventing our comfortable living.

Regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle and, of course, oyster consumption can help improve and maintain our vision for years to come. Regular consumption of mussels can also improve eye function in low light, prevent cataracts and reduce macular degeneration as you age.

Excitability of antioxidants

Antioxidants fight oxidation.

Although oxidants are naturally found in the body, too much of them can damage cells and cause a wide range of negative effects such as cancer and heart disease. To prevent this, nutrients in the mussel effectively stop the effects of free radicals and their harmful effects in their paths. Zinc and selenium are minerals found in mussels. They help the body absorb antioxidants so they can activate and inhibit free radicals. Failure to regenerate antioxidants causes the release of radicals and damage to cells.

Improve sleep

Sleep is essential for the body as it helps regenerate and improve brain function and cell growth and recovery, and there is no substitute for sleep. Sufficient sleep also helps restore energy levels that allow optimal daytime performance. Sleep also helps us stay young and minimizes the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. Due to the presence of zinc and magnesium minerals, shellfish can help us to have a good sleep.

Increase blood circulation

Dr. Ralph James Smith, a professor at the University of Michigan, said in his study: “Shells are a very significant source of iron. Shell provides more than 90 percent of our daily needs per serving. ” Iron is a key component in the formation of red blood cells in the body and is a major defense against anemia, also known as iron deficiency, and can lead to fatigue, cognitive impairment, gastric disorders and general muscle weakness.

Also, by supplying healthy blood cells to the bloodstream, the body’s systems have high levels of blood to stimulate their activity and increase the body’s overall metabolism.

Improve brain function

The properties of mussels are that they are a rich source of b12, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and iron, and are useful for brain function. Studies have shown that low iron in the brain reduces one’s ability to concentrate, while deficiency affects memory.

Strengthen the mood

Among the properties of mussels is that due to the high levels of zinc in the mussels, they are known to improve mood. Zinc is an essential mineral because it is not stored by the body and must be provided through diet.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that an increase in zinc in children is associated with a decrease in anxiety and depression. Another study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that adequate zinc intake was effective in reducing anger and depression in young women.


Since mussels absorb large amounts of nutrients from their growing areas, some mussels may contain contaminants and toxins, so choose only those that you buy from reputable sources to eat.

In addition, because they contain a high content of minerals, you may be affected by symptoms of toxicity or the addition of minerals, especially zinc, copper, selenium, vitamin b12 and vitamin d. Iron toxicity can cause hemochromatosis, which is a very dangerous condition. Everything, even vitamins and minerals, should be balanced, so keep the mussel intact at a moderate level. In addition, high sodium content can be dangerous for people who are at risk for heart disease or hypertension.

In addition, mussel allergies are not uncommon and reactions to them can be severe so any allergy experience in the past should be considered. Eating mussels for treatment as often as you can enjoy it and enjoy the properties of mussels because the health benefits it offers can help you keep your minerals low.


If you have never had oyster properties before and have never consumed it, it’s time to incorporate it into your diet and reap the health benefits of oyster consumption. The natural therapeutic properties of mussels are definitely worth a try.

feed oyster shells Advantages

feed oyster shells advantages:

Among the benefits are its use in making face masks and  improvment of skin health.
The shellfish makes the epidermis or supernatant soften and soothe it, acting as an exofilant or natural exfoliator, giving the skin a newer and better looking appearance and promoting a calcium ion focus. The skin glows.

Benefits of sea urchin mask:

Unlike many masks, this mask is able to penetrate deep into the skin as it works against various bacteria and fat deposits in preventing pores from clogging the skin, often causing the accumulation of fat and bacteria that cause infections. The skin and eventually the pimples are evolving.

Increase the body’s energy level Today, the lack of proper nutrients needed for optimal body function is a common issue in many people’s diets. As a result of these defective diets, our body’s energy levels and performance are affected.

Edible mussels can help relieve excessive fatigue because they contain enough and adequate vitamins and minerals that can improve energy production in the body. As a result, the cycle of death of the dead cells and the formation of new cells is accelerated and energy levels in the body increase.

feed oyster shells Important Features

feed oyster shells Important Features

Oyster Shell lime has many uses in various fields and bulk oyster shells for sale has many market in  the world.

The shell has a tough skin and comes in a variety of colors and types in nature. It has many benefits and is widely used in many industries such as jewelry.

In general, omega-3 fatty acids are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve brain function. Omega-3s increase good cholesterol levels and decrease bad cholesterol levels.

Edible mussels are a good source for these types of fatty acids. Also, the presence of magnesium and potassium in the oral mussel also lowers blood pressure, and in addition, the iron present in this nutrient also helps to transfer oxygen to the blood cells.

Omega-3 fatty acids minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease by preventing bad cholesterol from attaching to the blood vessels and arterial wall, and by preventing the narrowing of the vascular space.

feed oyster shells dropshipping

Droplets extracted from these sea oysters are also widely used in the pharmaceutical, health and food industries, and products extracted from sea oysters from their crust to the edible material are therefore widely used. The product has been cited as one of the most popular products worldwide and among marine creatures

feed oyster shells wholesale distributors

feed oyster shells wholesale distributors

The major suppliers of these oysters have been able to create a huge market for this product trade, with the benefits of using these products in foodstuffs that have been marketed in a wide variety of prices and across the globe. It is used in many major restaurants around the world, or in countries such as China and countries such as the Seafood. So sellers sell this product globally, and it can also be said to be more affordable if they buy in bulk.

feed oyster shells price

In general, the price of shellfish for poultry and chicken feed is of particular importance to poultry farmers.

Nowadays, they enjoy the benefits of edible mussels in animal feed, especially chicken with chickens because they provide many of the nutrients needed to grow them and make them grow in the best possible quality and have the best yield.

Therefore, it can be said that the price of these products is highly dependent on the quality and cost of their production and has been well placed in the food basket of animals, especially poultry and chickens, as it is highly capable of meeting their needs and according to the standards set out in The country, as well as globally, can be technically and hygienically priced.

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