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pearl oyster suppliers in the world

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Where to find best pearl oyster in the world? What are the best pearl oyster?Best pearl oyster suppliers

Oysters are located at the end of the abdomen and are bivalves, sometimes called oysters. These soft-bodied animals have one or two lime oysters. The shells of these oysters are often made of silicate. Some types of oysters are edible, but in Iran, these oysters are pearl oyster used to extract pearls.

pearl oyster suppliers in the world

Where to find best pearl oyster in the world?

  Where to find best pearl oyster in the world?Natural pearls are one of the most important and precious jewels of antiquity, which is why oyster fishing has been practiced in the Persian Gulf for centuries to extract pearls and has been considered one of the most beneficial natural resources of the Persian Gulf.

Prior to the 1960s, natural pearls in the Persian Gulf supplied 80 percent of the world’s natural pearls, the highest quality of its kind. One of the most valuable oysters in the Persian Gulf region is black-lipped oysters, which have been severely depleted due to past harvests. Accordingly, during a recent research project, the Iranian Fisheries Research Institute has reproduced black pearl oyster shells.

In 1997, after Bahrain, Bandar Lengeh Iran was the second center for pearl exports and pearl shell in the Persian Gulf, so that the average export price in the second half of the 13th century AH from Bandar Lengeh and Kish Island reached about 1.5 million rupees. This God-given wealth exists in Hormozgan province (west) and in its different habitats.

What are the best pearl oyster?

 What are the best pearl oyster?Pearls are classified according to their quality. The larger, rounder, blacker ones are more valuable. Black pearls are separated using special needles. Some pearls maybe 16 to 18 millimeters in diameter. The largest pearl ever known was 21 millimeters in diameter.

Looking at the various books and articles that have been written about gemstones in all of them, you will find similar explanations for how natural pearls are formed. Small gravel or pebble falls into the shell. Then, as a defense mechanism, a substance called nicker is released around it.

However, although a similar method is used in the artificial process, it is surprising that natural pearls are not formed in this way. According to Stephen Kennedy, director of the Jewelry Association’s laboratory, it is almost impossible for pebbles to enter the oyster in its natural state without human intervention. The jelly-like, floating shell is not inside the limestone shell.

Best pearl oyster suppliers

Best pearl oyster suppliersBlackfish pearl oyster reproduction was first propagated in Iran by the Iranian Fisheries Research Institute. The purpose of this project is to gain access to the black lip balm propagation technique and to revive and rebuild the resources of this marine creature in the Persian Gulf, and finally to create jobs in the region, which was successfully done. The implementation of this project and its production and cultivation can create jobs in the coastal strip and establish several workshops for the production and cultivation of oysters and pearl farming.

The shells, flesh, and pearls of oyster black lipstick are used in the textile, button making, decoration, pharmaceutical, Best oyster shells for sale, and poultry industries, as well as human consumption. Sudan earns a lot of foreign exchange by selling shells of this shell. The shell costs $ 8 a kilo.

Also, a 25-piece pearl necklace with a diameter of 14 mm produced by this oyster is worth one million dollars.

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